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With over 7 years’ experience, Your Cleaners Online is one of the largest and most experienced Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaners. Trust YOUR CLEANERS ONLINE to be your number one source for carpet cleaning services. In addition, we are one of the largest providers of upholstery cleaning. We also provide tile & grout cleaning, and 24-hour restoration services. With locations throughout the Los Angeles area, residents know that they can rely on our cleaning services. YOUR CLEANERS ONLINE's impeccable reputation in laundry and dry cleaning services offers customers peace of mind that comes from knowing the job will be done right the first time.

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Carpet Cleaning


Your Cleaners Online's carpet cleaners use the industry's most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, which will remove ground-in soil and revive your carpet's appearance. Additional services such as carpet repair*, deodorizer and our YOUR CLEANERS ONLINEGard™ stain-resistant protective coating are also available.


Upholstery Cleaning


Our specially trained and certified upholstery cleaners and technicians have expertise in many difficult-to-clean materials, including silk, suedes, ultra suedes and velvet. We also offer deodorizer services as well as our Your Cleaners OnlineGard™ stain-resistant protective coating.


Tile and Grout Cleaning


Select Our grout cleaning and tile cleaning services employ a powerful truck-mounted cleaning system. We'll safely clean your surfaces (such as flooring, showers and countertops), removing dirt and contaminants.

Chem-Dry Vs. Steam Cleaning

There are several key factors that separate a high quality carpet cleaning process that delivers a healthier cleaning for your carpets and home from one that drenches your carpets with gallons of water and harsh cleaners. These factors explain why Chem-Dry’s unique hot carbonating extraction system offers a deeper, faster drying, healthier carpet cleaning experience than typical steam cleaning services.

Chem-Dry’s process employs millions of microscopic bubbles to explode dirt from deep in your carpet fibers, so therefore we only need to use a fraction of the water that typical steam cleaning uses, almost 80% less in fact. After the carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet.

Traditional steam cleaning saturates your carpet with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents. So you’re left with wet carpets for 1-2 days, which creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. Plus the soapy residue left behind attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster.

So while steam cleaners use excessive amounts of water that often soaks through to the carpet backing and creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, Chem-Dry’s low-moisture process doesn’t carry the same risk and offers a safer and more convenient carpet cleaning solution. Plus, your carpets dry in just a few hours, not 1-2 days like with typical steam cleaning, and your carpet stays cleaner longer because there is no soapy residue left behind.

Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction

Typical Steam Cleaning

    Carbonating, active cleaning solution
    No soaps or detergents
    No sticky residue, resists resoiling
    Low water quantity
    Low pressure application
    Short drying time, 1-2 hours
    Green solutions, healthier cleaning method
    Flat, inactive cleaning solution
    Harsh chemicals and detergents
    Sticky residue encourages resoiling
    High water quantity
    High pressure application
    Long drying time, 1-2 days
    Excessive water can cause mold, mildew